Dog Aggression, what is it.

The dreaded Pit Bull

What is an aggressive dog. And how to tell the difference.

Today’s politics of bad dogs. Or is it crazy dogs. Just maybe, their insane. That can’t be right. No, no, no, wait I got it. Their scared, terrified, fearing for their life.

That’s right, their just scared.

It’s almost impossible for most of us, to understand that when our dog starts acting like a maniac. Barking, growling and snapping at people. Or when we have company or workers come into our home. That this is a nervous dog, trying his best to scare away whats frightening him.

The reason why this is so difficult for all of us to understand is simple. We have been taught for so long, that this is a sign of dog aggression.

When I’m called in to help a family with some dog issues, this is usually the #1 problem that pet owners have. Dogs that act crazy, when someone comes over.

For us to understand exactly whats going on in our dogs head, when he acts like this, We must have some understanding of fear. Under these circumstances, our dog is fearing for his life. Now you and I, both know he has nothing to fear, but fear itself. But your dog says,” yea right, their gonna try to eat me”.

Think of a child, that’s afraid of the dark. Or a child that thinks there’s monsters in his room. With a little effort on our part we can console them and tell them its safe. And in time, the child’s own intelligence’s takes over and those fears go away.

Or, have you ever been in a situation that made you scared and / or feared for your life. Most folks have not experienced something like that. While your in your car, driving through a different part of town. Where the people don’t look like you, do you lock your car doors.

If you live in the city or a heavily populated suburban area , do you walk across the street if you see some biker types. How about , people not the same color as you. What about a group of older kids. That you may think are, hooligans, ruffians, hoodlums, gang bangers. Ops, just some college kids.

As humans we have an abnormally high amount of fears. Dogs on the other hand, only have one fear. Fear that they are going to be attacked.

In the future, I will teach you how to get your dog over this fear. And it has nothing to do with socializing your dog.

But right now its getting late, and I have to bed down our animals.

I’d love to here any thoughts you may have. Pro or Con.

you have yourself a great day. The Spirit Dog


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