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Dog Trainers are Good People

Simple Minds

Dog Thoughts, Dog Behavior, Politics of Dog Rescue, Does Sex Matter, Boy , Girl, Young or Old.

I have to make something a little more clearer. If you read some of the earlier comments. When I wrote that today’s teaching methods are 95% wrong. You must understand, this applies to problem solving, (advice to help out dog owners with solving unwanted behavior).

Let me just go on record here ; There is no wrong way to train a dog. Dog training, is the ability of someone to successfully train a dog to reliable execute a given command. When such a command is given. Be it a verbal command or sight command, (Hand Signal).

To train a dog for any level of obedience, the trainer must be very repetitive. That just means , the trainer gives the same command over and over and over, until the dog gets it. Then they’ll do the same thing over and over and over, with minor distractions, till the dog gets it. Then they’ll do it again, over and over, with a little better distraction.

And this process will continue to the point where, it doesn’t matter what distractions happen to be around the dog. The dog has now been programed to stare at the trainer.

The problem is, dog trainers equate their ability to train a dog, with the ability to understand canine behavior.

Read some dog training books, talk to some trainers, talk to some behaviorists. If you tell them, your dog pulls on the leash. They will tell you ; He’s an alpha and he’s trying to dominate you.

If you tell them : My dog jumps up on me. They will tell you , he’s an alpha.

Here’s a couple things you should know

  1. An alpha dog, a true alpha , is pretty rare.
  2. Alpha’s; are very laid back.
  3. Alpha’s; don’t freak out and go crazy when you have company.
  4. Alpha’s are very confident dogs. There’s not a whole lot that bothers them.

So if you have a dog , that goes crazy, barking and growling at everything that moves, or at least at some things that move. He is not an alpha. Regardless of what ANYBODY tells you.

You have a great day. The Spirit Dog


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