Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, Dogs.

Don’t you just love it. After a long hard day of work, school or just goofing off, to get home and see your most best’es of friend. For all you guys out there, that are just like me, that’s probably the best part of your day. No matter what kind of day your having, as soon as you walk in that door. You know, your gonna get slobbered on and licked all over. Seeing that pure joy, love and happiness on your dogs face, when you come home. Just has to make you happy and fell warm all over. And regardless, of what kind of bullsh*t day you went through…again. All is right in the world.

And its only the TRUE animal lovers amongst us. That can really understand this.

Here’s to happiness with your furry mate.

Licks -n-kisses The Spirit Dog


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