Housebreaking,Puppy training « Thespiritdog’s Weblog

Housebreaking,Puppy training « Thespiritdog’s Weblog

Lucky DogsThe most important thing you can do, so you just don’t go Beach NUTS , while housebreaking your puppy is; Give him plenty of space. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I know, all the books by all the dog trainers tell you, Because of the denning instinct of the animals, your puppy will not relieve himself in his crate. ( Do your best valley girl for this one) I’m So Sure…The plain and obvious truth is, a puppy has to go to the bathroom every two, three or four hours. So, unless your there to take that little guy out..A LOT, he’s gonna go in his crate. And that’s going to drive you crazy, because all these experts tell you. He’s not suppose to do that.

If these people wrote potty training books, I guess their knowledgeable and insightful advice would be, “Tie your three month old babies ankles together, then gently hang him from a hook. After he pee’s and poops on himself a couple times. He will learn to hold it. We professionals call this aversion therapy. Then we can start teaching him, the wanted behavior by sticking his butt on the throne.”

Over the years, Dog Trainers and Behaviorists. Have taken, the relatively simple task of housebreaking. And turned it into this monumental hurdle. That along with piss poor advice. Just about guaranties the new puppy owners failure, and most likely the death of that dog.

If you have a specific question about anything, email or post me.

As Always; Licks & Kisses The Spirit Dog


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  1. Our dog Charlie wasn’t easy to housebreak but after taking him out over and over again he finally started doing it on his own. He has not had an accident in a very long time. He is only two.

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