Puppies, Fickle Owners, Bad Advice

I wish that in this day and age more animal organizations and pet professionals would teach potential puppy buyers, of the problems that inevitably they will experience by bringing a new puppy into their home, especially if they have children.

The vast majority of families these days simply do not have the amount of free time it takes to properly raise and train a puppy. And to often, rescue organizations, like to blame the woeful plight of the homeless dogs, on puppy mills and pet shops that specialize in puppy sales.

Most folks have heard this saying, “The fault, Dear Brutus, lies not within our stars, but within our selves”.(William Shakespeare). The point is, as long as there is a demand for puppies, there will always be a steady supply. This is one fight, that’s worth fighting. So lets get the word out. Yeah, I know, not really a pleasant subject to start off with. But we gotta talk about it. I read, I don’t know five, ten years back ,the best estimates that they could come up with, says, that between 7 million to 10 million dogs and/or puppies are killed every year in this great country of ours. You will notice I said killed not humanely euthanized. That’s because, the terminology that’s used by animal rescue groups, humane societies, and the general public. Just really annoys me. Lets get one thing straight here. You don’t humanely euthanize a healthy dog, your killing him. The only time you can ever truly say humanely euthanize, is if your in the unfortunate circumstances of having an old, sick or terminally ill animal that’s constantly in pain. Then and only then are you truly doing whats in the animals best interest. And that is one of the hardest decisions, a true animal lover ever has to make.

The other statistic I read was just as alarming, those stats say, that one out of every two puppies, will not live to see their second birthday. You know, when I read those numbers, I just had to shake my head and think how dismal it is to be a dog in today’s society. The wonderful people that are involved with animal rescue either really believe they are humanely euthanizing a dog, or they say that so they can sleep better at night.

Before I forget, the first topic I talked about, the 7 to 10 million dog thing. Those figures cant be close to being right. Let me explain. You see I was born in Brooklyn, New York. Bergen Beach to be more exact. Before we moved out to the country, Long Island, when I was in Junior High School( That’s what they used to call middle school). Then four or five years ago, I really moved to the country, Boonville, New York. Which is getting close to Canada. And what I have found out is, there are a lot of rural folks that if their having problems with Fido, they just take him out behind the shed and whack him. And I don’t mean hit him with a stick. The point is, since the vast majority of our country is rural, this is going on, on a daily basis. So I’m gonna say those figures are a little low.
Didn’t mean to bum you guys out, but we really needed a starting point as to why 95 percent of today’s dog training and animal behavior, teachings and available information, is just inaccurate. This is not going to be a place where I slam other animal trainers and behaviorists. Because the truth is, this is how they learned, this is how they were taught. The problem stems from many, many years ago, when someone published a book on dog training. That made sense at the time. As a result, people have been expounding and modifying the language, to more reflect today’s terminologies and beliefs. So, the problem here is, their adding a whole bunch of stuff, to animal behavior principles that are just all wrong.

Alrighty then, I think that’s it for today. I’ll probably be posting a little more frequently then once a week. I have so much information that you need to know, if we’re ever going to get a handle on this unacceptable kill rate. The next post is going to be on, “Breed specific behaviors and personalities”, or’ “Come here kid, I got some land I wanna sell ya”.

Licks-n-kisses; The Spirit Dog


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