Living in the Spirit world; Free Dog Training

Hello, My name is The Spirit Dog, and I’ll be helping you understand your dogs and puppies, a whole lot better. Everything I have learned about dog behavior over the last 40 something years. Has been taught to me by the dogs themselves. Along with the fact that through out my lifetime, I have been in the unique position to live with and observe large packs of dogs living together.

You will notice that just about all of my advice, is in direct contrast to today’s understandings of canine behavior. Not the training methods that are involved with obedience trails, field dog trails, or any other type of competitive dog training. But with the current understandings of whats going on in the dogs brain, in regards to problem solving.

Most dog trainers are going to disagree with just about everything I say. Just like 500 years ago, everybody would disagree if someone said, the world’s not flat it’s round.

Here’s to a better understanding of our dogs.

The Spirit Dog


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