The Spirit Dog Blog

Hello I’m The Spirit Dog .

I’ll be teaching you all about what Fido is really thinking about.  On these blog pages you will learn  a lot of stuff about dog behavior that you never knew before. I’ll also dispel quite a few myths along the way in regards to what’s currently thought to be the reasons behind some dog behaviors.

But the two main points you are going to learn are, (1), Once you understand exactly whats going on in that little head of your dogs, you will start to have a better understanding of what your job is going to be.  And (2), You are going to learn how to PLAY with your dog like a dog,  and ACT like a dog with your dog. This is going to be real simple stuff .

You will not find any 20 dollar words here, like, operant behavior, aversion therapy, or anthropomorphic behavior Nor will you find any of the newer terminologies such as, “no free lunch”,  ” doggy timeouts”, “resource guarding”, etc.

I will explain to you in great detail, (whether you like it or not), the principles and theories behind the common dog training methods. And why those methods of training and more to the point problem solving, is, really not in the best interest of your dog, or you, for that matter.

My first post on these subjects will be, this Saturday, April 12th 2008. And then every Saturday for the rest of eternity, or until a big rock slams into the planet. So sit back, pet fido on his head, and ENJOY.

Thanks for stopping by…..

The Spirit Dog

Copyright © 2008 A.S.Papszycki


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